HomeTowne Auto Repair employees participate in BG training.

HomeTowne Auto Repair employees learn about BG products

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The HomeTowne Auto Repair team has become more knowledgeable about a few BG products and how they work.

A couple of BG representatives led a training at our Woodbridge auto repair shop on Thursday morning.

The BG products discussed were:

  • BG 44K
  • BG MOA
  • BG Frigi Clean
  • BG Frigi Fresh

Demonstrations on BG products provided

BG 44K

Fuel system cleaners was one of the topics covered.

Our Apprentice Technicians, Master Technicians, Service Advisors and Service Manager learned about detergents in fuel and those that can be added between services, such as BG 44K. The representatives shared and demonstrated the strengths of different cleaners, as well.

BG 44K removes contaminants that collect on fuel system parts, such as fuel injectors and combustion chambers. It may improve how the engine runs and reduce carbon buildup-related problems.

The cleaner can be added between fuel induction services.


Technicians and Service Advisors learning about oil and BG MOA.

Oil additives and the differences between types of oil – conventional, synthetic blends, and full synthetic – were also discussed.

The benefits of BG MOA were shown using a bearing grinder.

This product helps protect the engine and extend its lifespan. It can prevent sludge from accumulating and increase a vehicle’s fuel economy.

BG MOA is added at oil changes.

BG Frigi Clean and BG Frigi Fresh

The training concluded with the HVAC cleaning system. Participants were educated on BG Frigi Clean and BG Frigi Fresh and learned the correct way to add them.

BG Frigi Fresh gets rid of mold and bacteria that build up overtime, resulting in musty smells.

This disinfectant may be sprayed on the cabin air filter and through the vents once a year or during seasonal changes, like winter to spring or summer to fall.

Through the training, the BG representatives sought to familiarize the front counter personnel and technicians with the products and processes.

“It’s a great way to see what [BG] MOA actually does as well as the [BG] 44K,” Ed Olbon explained.

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