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Why you should have a power steering fluid exchange performed

In Vehicle Maintenance by HomeTowne Auto Repair & Tire

Your vehicle’s power steering system undergoes a lot of heat and pressure to help you maintain control.  The high pressure and temperatures eventually lead power steering fluid to deteriorate and lose its ability to lubricate parts. Over a period of time, power steering fluid – just like oil, brake fluid, and transmission fluid – will start to break down.  Contaminants …

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Does my car need new brakes?

In Brakes by HomeTowne Auto Repair & Tire

Typically, drivers don’t know that their car needs new brakes until they bring it to a repair shop for an oil change or to address a problem. While performing an oil change, our technicians do a tire rotation and look over the vehicle. During this courtesy inspection, we may find that it requires new brakes or they are reaching the …

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My car is making a clunking noise

In Automotive Diagnostics by HomeTowne Auto Repair & Tire

Are you hearing a clunking noise when you’re driving? Don’t worry, you’re not going crazy (well … hopefully not). Clunking and rattling sounds are one sign you may notice when there is a problem with your car’s steering and suspension. So, what’s the source of all that racket? Well, the question of why a car is making a clunking noise …