Clunking noise

My car is making a clunking noise

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Are you hearing a clunking noise when you’re driving? Don’t worry, you’re not going crazy (well … hopefully not).

Clunking and rattling sounds may indicate problems with your car’s steering and suspension.

Parts can wear out over time and cause a clunking noise, such as strut mounts and bushings.

The issue could have to do with the drag link, control arms or coil springs, as well.

Other culprits include: idler arms, pitman arms – which are part of a drag link-type steering system – and tie rod ends.

Sway bar end links and sway bar bushings are common problems that are often misdiagnosed because they sound worse than they are.

We recently worked on a Range Rover that had a clunking sound. Not only had the ball joint come out of the steering knuckle, but the sway bar end link was broken.

Struts can also make a clunking noise if they’re bottoming out.

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