How tire quality and tread depth can impact your safety on the road

In Tires & Wheels by HomeTowne Auto Repair & Tire

Have you noticed that your tires are low? Are you having difficulty gripping the road in your vehicle in the rain? Then it may be time to get your tires assessed. If they do need to be replaced, there are some things that you need to think about when you are selecting new ones. Many people think that tires aren’t something …

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Why you should choose HomeTowne Auto Repair and Tire for your oil changes

In Oil Change, Vehicle Maintenance by HomeTowne Auto Repair & Tire

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HomeTowne Auto Repair little library becomes chartered, joins international little free library group

In Community Involvement by HomeTowne Auto Repair & Tire

HomeTowne Auto Repair & Tire – one of the first partners in the Greater Prince William Little Free Library initiative – has now been internationally chartered under This means that our car-shaped library is listed on a map with thousands of other little free libraries around the world. The HomeTowne Auto Repair & Tire little library is located outside …