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Crank no start on Ford F-350

In Automotive Diagnostics by HomeTowne Auto Repair & Tire

A crank no start is a common problem that can occur with any vehicle. It’s the reason that a customer brought their Ford F-350 to our shop earlier this month. When looking into the problem, our technician found that the fuel injectors weren’t pressurizing. A high pressure oil system is used to pressurize the injectors, because they need 500 PSI …

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Car shaking when driving

In Vehicle Maintenance by HomeTowne Auto Repair & Tire

Have you noticed your car shaking? If so, it may be telling you that there’s a problem. One of our customers felt a vibration when driving. It was taken on a test drive and it seemed that the issue was somewhere in the drive train. We put it up on a lift and when we ran it at about 40 …

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Are winter tires needed in Northern Virginia?

In Tires & Wheels by HomeTowne Auto Repair & Tire

With winter being around the corner, drivers are looking into getting their vehicles ready for any possible inclement weather we may experience. Purchasing and replacing their tires with winter tires is one way some prepare. There are a lot of questions people may have about winter tires. Here are some recommendations and information regarding this option. Why should you check …