BG Frigi Fresh.

BG Frigi Fresh kills bacteria, viruses

In Cabin Air Filter by HomeTowne Auto Repair & Tire

Do you want to clear the air inside your vehicle?

BG Frigi Fresh, a disinfectant and air freshener, is one product HomeTowne Auto Repair & Tire uses to do that.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered product removes odors and kills harmful bacteria, molds and viruses. These germs build up in the climate control system and result in a musty odor and affects allergies.  

We spray BG Frigi Fresh into the air intake system when replacing the cabin air filter. It goes through the vent system, including the heater core and evaporator.

What is a cabin air filter?

The cabin air filter blocks some dirt, dust and bacteria from coming into the front of your vehicle.

Most cars use one filter, but some higher engineered vehicles — including Mercedes and BMWs — have two. Other vehicles don’t have any, so make sure to check before setting up an appointment.

There are several kinds of cabin air filters. The cost of a cabin air filter depends on how it’s made, what it’s made out of, and if it gets distorted.

Our technicians use a mid-grade filter, but even better filters are out there.

The Enviroshield Cabin Air Filter clear out various impurities, including pollen, dust, and exhaust system smells from other vehicles.

PureFlow is a filter that gets rid of particles, soaks up odors, and makes germs less effective.

How often you should replace cabin air filters

Cabin air filters should be replaced at least once a year, but — depending on the driving conditions — they could require additional changes.

If you live or travel on a dirt road, you may need to replace the cabin air filter more often than if you typically use major roads and highways.

The amount of pollen can also impact how frequently it’s changed.

There are some signs that a cabin air filter is ready to be replaced. These include a musty smell and the vents not blowing air as strongly.

Technician Tip: Other than regularly changing out your cabin air filter, we also recommend removing leaves and pine needles from the cowling area. If you do not, they can clog up the cabin air filter.

Other air filters

Vehicles can have several filters. 

In addition to cabin air filters, there are engine air filters. They filter air that’s entering the combustion chamber.

Overtime, engine air filters become dirty or smushed and need to be replaced. Certain performance filters may be washed and reused. If you don’t change or wash them, the filters won’t work as well. It could also lead to engine damage. 

There are also filters for fans on temperature control seats and blower motor filters, which maintain the battery’s cool temperature. 

While you’re driving around, you want to breathe in pure air. Changing the cabin air filter and using BG Frigi Fresh are a couple of ways you keep it clean. 

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