Completing a fuel induction service.

Fuel induction service restores engine performance

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As your vehicle gets older, you may notice that it isn’t running the way it used to.

If it seems to be struggling to start or feels rough when idle, it could mean that carbon deposits have built up in the engine because of ethanol. 

In addition to particles in the engine, ethanol can cause corrosion to develop, impact your vehicle’s ability to drive properly, and cause parts to fail.

These deposits can be removed through a fuel induction service, which we recommend every 30,000 miles. 

How often you have it performed also depends on the vehicle.

Some BMWs with direct injection for the fuel system and some vehicles with GDI engines actually have carbon build up problems, and it may be a good idea to conduct this service more often.

Other signs of carbon buildup

Difficulty starting your vehicle and rough idle are only a couple of symptoms of carbon buildup.

Poor gas mileage and knocking in the engine are other indicators. 

You may also experience stalling, engine surges, loss in power and more emissions that are being released.

Carbon buildup on the intake valves of a Honda.
Carbon buildup

Perks of the fuel induction service

Regular maintenance, such as clearing out carbon buildup, prevents engine damage. This helps you save money down the road.

Having a cleaner air induction system and fuel injection system isn’t the fuel induction service’s only perk.

It also restores engine power and decreases the amount of emissions the tailpipe emits. Improved air and fuel flow and increased fuel economy are other benefits of this service.

Fuel induction service process

A fuel induction service begins with adding BG Fuel System Drier to the fuel tank. This soaks up and suspends moisture that collects due to condensation.

Then, our technicians add BG Ethanol Fuel System Defender, a fuel system cleaner that cleans out various components, including the fuel lines, fuel injectors, and the backs of the valves. 

In addition to removing particles in the fuel system, it provides protection against ethanol-related damage.

Lastly, they run an air intake system cleaner, which removes grime on the intake manifold and cleans the valves in the intake system.

It’s important to keep up with this service, especially with the stop and go traffic common in the Northern Virginia area.

How BG 44K benefits your fuel system

In between the fuel induction services, it may be a good idea to use BG 44K to help keep that fuel system clean and make sure your car is in tip top shape.

BG 44K cleans the fuel system and gets rid of particles that accumulate on many components, including combustion chambers, oxygen sensors and injectors. 

Enhanced engine performance, better combustion, and a cleaner catalytic converter are other benefits of using BG 44K.

This product, which can be used on diesel engines and turbocharged engines, can also decrease issues that carbon buildup causes. 

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