Coolant Fluid Exchange being conducted.

Coolant fluid exchange keeps cooling system running correctly

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Your vehicle’s cooling system helps prevent the engine from overheating by ensuring that it’s running at a safe temperature.

Because of the important role the system plays, it’s important for it to be maintained.

As time goes on, coolant breaks down and supplements that hinder corrosion start being used up. This causes the coolant to turn acidic and parts, including the water pump and radiator, to corrode. 

Reasons to get a coolant fluid exchange

A coolant fluid exchange keeps the system clean and restores coolant that has diminished over time.

It gets rid of any rust that has accumulated on the coolant lines and cooling system fins, and also removes sludge and scale. 

Buildup of rust, scale and sludge impacts circulation and makes it more difficult for engines to release heat.

To keep your cooling system running correctly, we recommend coolant fluid exchanges every 30,000 miles.

We use a cooling system cleaner and additive when performing this service.

How to know if you need a coolant fluid exchange

There are also a few symptoms you may notice when a coolant fluid exchange is needed.

These signs include leaks, hose failure and a vehicle having trouble starting. An increase in temperature and losing coolant are other clues.

You may also notice that the coolant is darker, which occurs as the fluid breaks down. 

Because coolant that needs to be changed is acidic, technicians may check it with a test strip. This helps them determine the PH level. 

Having a cleaner system that works better is only one benefit of a coolant fluid exchange.

It can also extend the coolant’s lifespan, improve performance, and decrease the likelihood of a vehicle overheating.

You’ve heard the lifetime coolant. What the manufacturers are referring to is the life expectancy of you owning that vehicle before getting a new one. But that might not be the same as your expectancy. If you’re someone who plans to own their vehicle for 12 + years, it’s important to change your engine coolant every 30,000 miles.

Make sure the right coolant is used

It’s also important to use the correct type of coolant. Most people think the coolant is green, but it can also come in blue and yellow. Actually, the color of coolant is clear, and the color you see is just dye.

The dye helps manufacturers identify that it’s the coolant approved for the type of metal the engines are made out of.

The metal used in Asian vehicles differs from what’s used in the USA. So using the wrong type of engine coolant can actually hurt certain vehicles.

Coolants for European cars, such as BMWs and Mercedes, are manufactured not only to protect their engine but also engine concerns if it leaks out of the vehicle.

You can use a universal green type of coolant. But just because it’s green doesn’t mean it’s correct. It’s OK to use green, but you need to make sure that it’s high quality.

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