Check engine light.

What causes a check engine light to turn on?

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A car’s check engine light isn’t an indicator that should be ignored.

The symbol clues you in that there’s a problem. The issue itself can span a number of components.

If your car’s check engine light is blinking, which means that there’s an engine issue, we recommend bringing it to a mechanic as soon as you can.

Waiting to have it checked out can cause catalytic converter damage.

A light that remains solid should be looked at soon.

Some causes include a dead car battery and spark plugs or ignition coils going bad.

The check engine light could indicate that the catalytic converter isn’t working right. This was the case with a Dodge Caravan we worked on last year.

Problems with the circuit, catalyst system and coolant system are also reasons why it turns on.

A misfiring engine is a more serious problem that the light would point out.

Before dropping your car off at an auto repair shop, make sure the gas cap isn’t loose. Loose fuel caps can trigger it, as well.

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