Dirty cabin air filter.

Why you should change your cabin air filter and clean the cowling

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Leaves will soon begin falling across Virginia.

They can become lodged in your car’s cabin air filter or the cowling area.

Cabin air filters clean the air that goes into the front of vehicles and prevent bacteria, dirt, dust and pollen from entering.

They keep the heating core and evaporator from getting blocked, as well.

Once or twice a year, it’s a good idea to clean out and vacuum the cowling area, where leaves, sticks and pine needles can build up.

Leaves and pine needs in a car's cowling area.
Once or twice a year, it’s a good idea to clean out and vacuum the cowling area, where leaves, sticks and pine needles can build up.

The windshield wipers hook up at the cowling area and water from the windshield drains into it before running off the sides under the car.

It also houses the windshield wiper motor and air intake for the heating and air conditioning system and cabin air filter. 

Why you should clean the cowling area

Cleaning the cowling area can help keep your cabin air filter clean and prevents your car from smelling moldy. 

It’s important to have the cabin air filter replaced regularly. If it isn’t, it becomes more clogged and may add more stress to the blower motor.

In addition to leaves, cabin air filters may become home to animals that are seeking warmth or shelter.

One indicator that your cabin air filter isn’t working properly or it’s blocked by too many leaves or a mouse nest, is that particles will come out of the vent when you turn the air conditioning or heat on the highest setting. 

Cabin air filters should get changed every 10,000 to 20,000 miles, depending on the car’s make and model and where it’s driven.

A vehicle that travels down a dirt road every day may need to be replaced more often than one that goes from a driveway to the interstate.

Our technicians check cabin air filters during oil changes, as part of our courtesy inspection. They also spray the disinfectant BG Frigi Fresh into the air intake system.

Cabin air filter types

So, what kind of cabin air filter should you use?

It’s like getting an air filter for your house – you can buy a $3 air filter or $30 air filter. 

Depending on the make model of the vehicle, you can spend $3 to 5 or up to $75 or $80 for a cabin air filter.

How the air filter is made, if it will get distorted, and the materials the filter is made out of also impact the price.

On some vehicles, like BMWs and Mercedes, they may have a charcoal filter built into them, which are going to be more expensive. Some vehicles have two cabin air filters, others have none.

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