Signs that your starter is going bad

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Click. Click. Click.

It’s a dreaded sound for many drivers, especially when they are trying — unsuccessfully — to start their car.

The noise is one sign that a vehicle’s starter is going bad.

Another giveaway is if your vehicle won’t start, even when a jumper box or a jumper cable are attached to it.

You may also hear a slight grinding noise.

When you turn your key in the ignition, the bendex shoots out and spins at a high rate, starting the flywheel. This is what starts your car.

A grinding sound could mean the bendex is wearing down. 

If you suspect that your starter is going bad, you should have it checked and diagnosed at an auto repair shop. It may prevent you from getting stuck out in the middle of nowhere.

Keep in mind that sometimes a starter doesn’t show any signs of going bad. It just stops working.

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