Technician installing a tire.

Tire rotations and their importance

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As a car owner, you are an investor – you invest in oil changes, needed parts and new tires.

We all know that taking care of a car isn’t cheap. Maintenance may feel like a burden sometimes, however, it can prevent future expenses.

One service we offer is tire rotations, where the front and back tires change places. 

This service might not sound exciting or important, but it can actually be very beneficial.

Benefits of tire rotations

First of all, it helps your tires last longer.

The suspension in the front and back are set up differently. For example, the engine and heavy weight is in the front. So, if the front tires aren’t rotated to the back they will wear irregularly and start feathering – which are lips that create tire noise.

Tire rotations not only protect your tires, they also allow us to take a look at the brakes. Additionally, our technicians are able to move the lug nuts, where corrosion tends to develop, and check anything else that the tires are hiding. 

Our courtesy inspections

We provide free tire rotations during oil changes, which we suggest having done every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

A free courtesy inspection is performed, as well. During this check, we look at the car battery, lights and other components.

While working on a vehicle, our techs complete digital inspections that provide details, photos and videos of any needed repairs.

Customers may access the inspection via text or email.

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