An engine.

Engine problems on Kia Sportage

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A Kia Sportage will be needing a new engine.

The vehicle was dropped off at our Woodbridge auto repair shop after it caught on fire. (We believe that it gave the impression of being on fire, because the oil hit the exhaust.)

We don’t know if there were any warning lights or if it was running poorly, which is usually the case before it reaches this level.

When one of our employees tried to start the engine, another employee heard the starter running very loudly. It sounded like someone was hitting the engine with a hammer. 

They discovered that the starter wasn’t louder than normal. There was a hole in the engine block, and the sound of the starter could be heard better because there was less material masking it. 

Something caused the crankshaft bearings to seize up. Because metal needs to go somewhere, something broke and shot a hole in the engine block.

A hole in the engine block of a Kia Sportage.
Hole in the engine block of a Kia Sportage

We will need to purchase a used engine, because – due to supply chain problems – any engines that are being sent over from Korea aren’t making it to us. Also, the remanufacturers we partner with don’t have any built.

How to avoid engine problems

So, what can you do to prevent this from happening to you?

Paying attention to any warning signs is one thing you can do. If a light appears on your dashboard or your vehicle isn’t running the way it should, bring it into or call a repair shop. 

You can learn more about what certain dashboard lights mean, by reading this article we posted. It’s important to remember that, depending on the vehicle, a warning light may look differently than traditional icons. So, we encourage you to check your owner’s manual to confirm which one(s) have turned on.

Being without a car for a few days and making transportation arrangements may be inconvenient. However, it could save you a lot of stress and money in the end.

Taking care of your vehicle’s engine

There are also some ways you can maintain your engine and prevent engine problems, like having regular oil changes performed and using BG MOA, an oil additive that provides additional protection to the engine.

Our Woodbridge mechanics conduct courtesy inspections with our oil change service. We’re not your “10 minute oil change” place. Through a digital vehicle inspection, we are able to take photos and short videos that show you what’s going on with your vehicle, what needs to be replaced, and if it’s a safety or maintenance item. By visiting your auto repair shop on a regular basis, we can catch things like valve cover gaskets and oil leaks ahead of time to help avoid a catastrophic engine failure like the one the Kia experienced.

As these engines get older, some oil will go past the rings and go out through the tailpipe – which you may or may not see. Along with oil leaks, that causes a low oil problem faster. Plus, not checking it on a regular basis – either not adding it or fixing oil leaks – could result in a bigger problem. 

We recommend you look for drips of oil in your driveway or garage. An older vehicle is going to have a small oil leak, and it may not be necessary to fix it. However, if you start to notice it more than normal, it would be a good idea to get to your auto repair shop and have them take a look at it. 

When it comes to an oil change, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean good. Our shop only uses full synthetic oil. It does cost a little bit more, but it’s much better for your engine. Also, we use a high quality oil filter. Cheap there really doesn’t mean good. That’s what’s filtering out those small particles of metal, brass, and whatever else that’s floating around there, or any carbon that’s building up in the oil. So, using a high quality oil and oil filter can help your engine last longer.

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