HomeTowne Auto Repair's new Diagnostic Thermal Imager.

HomeTowne Auto Repair invests in thermal imager

In Automotive Diagnostics by HomeTowne Auto Repair & Tire

It’s becoming faster and easier for our technicians to locate leaks and address other car problems.  

HomeTowne Auto Repair recently invested in a Diagnostic Thermal Imager.

We can use this new device as we look into a wide range of concerns – from something as simple as a tire repair to catalytic converter problems.

On the screen, heat appears in yellow and the temperature of a targeted area is displayed. Friction as well as increases and decreases in pressure are also shown. 

Screenshots of the thermal image may be taken and saved. Then, we can share them with customers and members of our team.

How we use the Diagnostic Thermal Imager

Tire repair

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the leak on a flat tire. Using this technology, we are able to pick out the tire puncture. 

An object is going to be a different temperature – and, therefore, a different color – than the tire. For example, a metal nail has been hitting the ground repeatedly and will probably be very hot.

Coolant system

The device comes in handy when diagnosing coolant system problems, as well. On an overheating car, our automotive technicians can see where the coolant is moving to. If it isn’t getting past the thermostat, it could mean that the thermostat isn’t opening or closing. 

This also proves true with heating problems. A lack of heat may be caused by a blockage in the radiator. We are able to check out the coolant temperature as it goes in and out.

Live and thermal images of thermostat operations.

Exhaust system

Exhaust system problems can be solved, too.

We have been able to use the technology to look at the inlet and outlet temperature. This allowed us to confirm that a vehicle’s catalytic converter was working correctly, and that the converter on another car needed to be replaced.

Measuring inlet and outlet temperature of exhaust system using the Diagnostic Thermal Imager.
Measuring inlet and outlet temperature of an exhaust system

Electrical problems

Finding the reason why a car is experiencing electrical issues is another way this device helps us.

With all of the electronics on vehicles today, there could be a relay or a circuit turning on when it’s not supposed to. The thermal imager allows our technicians to see what components are on, since the parts heat up when electricity is running through them.

These are just a few concerns that we are able to address with this tool. There are many other types of repair it can be used for, including engine misfires, malfunctioning alternators, and brake problems.

Other ways this device helps us

This new technology we invested in allows us to better serve our customers.

However, it doesn’t just assist with finding problems. The device improves quality control by providing us with clear before and after pictures to confirm the repairs.

We also have access to photos that illustrate when a component is working correctly or going bad.

The thermal imager helps increase efficiency, too. 

Many problems can’t be seen just looking at a part – they often require additional tests that take time. Our new tool gives us the ability to look below the surface and narrow down our search.

With this device, technicians are able use the temperature changes to determine the root cause of problems logically.

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