Adding coolant to Volkswagen.

Maintaining your vehicle’s coolant level

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Written by Erin Flynn

When I started my Volkswagen Beetle a few days ago, I heard a beeping sound and noticed that one of my dashboard lights was blinking.

A few seconds later, it turned off. I learned, later on, that it had been the coolant level light.

One of the staff members from HomeTowne Auto Repair & Tire checked my vehicle’s coolant level and added fluid.

The light, he explained, turns on when the coolant goes below two metal rods that are located in the reservoir. However, each vehicle is designed differently.

Coolant Level Warning Light.
Coolant Level Warning Light

A vehicle’s engine operates at the same temperature throughout the year. Its coolant level fluctuates when it’s extremely hot or cold outside.

What can cause the Coolant Level Light to turn on?

Decreases in coolant could also mean that there’s a coolant leak, which can be difficult to determine. Parts of a cooling system may leak when the vehicle is moving or when it’s stationary. 

The coolant light could also be triggered if an engine is overheating.

Some vehicles have a dual purpose light, and others have a separate one.

Dashboard lights have various meanings.

You can learn about those specific to your vehicle by reading your owner’s manual.

Whether your vehicle has a spare tire and the location of your vehicle’s tire parts are also covered in the handbook.

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