Why is my car leaking?

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When moving your car from its parking spot, you may notice that a puddle has formed.

The location and color of the leak can help you determine what’s causing it.

Antifreeze: Antifreeze can be blue, green, red or yellow, depending on the vehicle. 

Brake Fluid: Brake Fluid is clear, yellow or brown. Don’t drive your vehicle if you notice brake fluid near the wheel well. It may be a sign that your brakes are failing.

Coolant: Coolant is used to maintain the temperature of your vehicle’s engine. When you see a puddle that’s a green, orange or pink, it could indicate that your coolant is leaking. It can be red or yellow for some vehicles. The coolant can begin to leak if a water pump or hose fails. Some electric and hybrid vehicles have another coolant system that runs to the back to keep the electronics cool. You can get a coolant leak near the back of the vehicle, which most people aren’t used to.

Engine Oil: Engine oil can be yellow, brown or black. If it’s leaking, there might be a failure with a gasket or seal. If you have had an oil change recently, bring your vehicle back to the auto repair shop.

Transmission Fluid: Transmission fluid appears as gold, pink, red or black. If any of these colors are seen near your vehicle, it could mean that a seal or gasket isn’t working.

You might also see clear water, and that’s generally from your air conditioner, where the moisture is condensing and the fluid is draining out from underneath your car. That isn’t something you should be concerned about.

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