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Cadillac CTS wheel alignment cost

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HomeTowne Auto Repair & Tire works on Cadillacs of all makes and models.

Our Cadillac service includes wheel alignments, which help prevent premature tire wear. We recommend having it checked once a year or when new tires are installed.

While conducting an alignment, we use high quality parts and a computerized alignment system. Various specifications, such as caster, camber and toe are checked through this process.

How much does an alignment for a Cadillac CTS cost?

Wheel alignment prices aren’t set in stone and depend on several factors.

The average cost for a Cadillac CTS wheel alignment is between $98 and $132, not including taxes and fees.

If the caster or camber need to be adjusted, a special tool is required, which could increase the cost to between $220 and $278. The price can also depend on whether additional parts are required.

This service could be done as part of a larger repair or tire replacement, so it may not represent the total cost.

Special target on a wheel and a computer displaying the wheel alignment of a vehicle.What could impact a Cadillac’s alignment?

Aside from getting a car alignment annually and when tires are replaced, you may need one when certain circumstances occur.

Some issues could throw a Cadillac out of alignment, including normal wear and tear, potholes, and certain components — such as tie rod ends, ball joints, and control arm bushings.

Work completed by automotive professionals might impact a car alignment, as well.

Some automotive centers may try to perform one as if it’s a rear wheel vehicle when it really needs an all wheel alignment. This could cause them to use the wrong specifications. Depending on the year of the Cadillac, there can be different suspension specifications. Certain Cadillacs have a standard and sports package, which gives them different ride heights. If you use the wrong specifications, that may cause premature tire wear.

We use the vehicle’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to load the specifications into our alignment machine. This machine is updated every year to make sure we have the most accurate information from the manufacturer.

What are symptoms of a bad wheel alignment?

A few symptoms can be clues that you need a tire alignment.

One indicator of a bad wheel alignment is the steering wheel could be slightly off-center.

Hitting a bump in the road might impact how much the steering wheel needs to be turned while driving down the road. 

You can also feel as if the vehicle is pulling to one side on a flat road. You should take into account that there could be a crown in the road, which may be causing it to pull.

Tires wearing unevenly is another symptom drivers might notice when a tire alignment is needed.

If you think that you are in need of a Cadillac CTS wheel alignment, it’s a good idea to reach out to an auto repair shop near you or having it looked over by a local mechanic.

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