Brake failure symptoms and causes

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Many factors can lead to brake failure – cheap brakes, brake parts installed incorrectly, and brake wear are among them. 

Several symptoms indicate that brake repair is needed.

Indicators of brake failure

Grinding, squealing, rattling and groaning noises are all signs that there is a problem with your car’s brake pads.

The causes range from loose parts to a lack of lubrication, depending on the sound.

You should be watchful for excessive brake dust on the wheels. Brake dust can be a normal wear condition – as brakes wear down, they produce dust. But if you see a lot of brake dust on one or more wheels, that could be an indicator that your brakes may be getting low. If you have an excessive amount of brake dust on one wheel, you could have a brake caliper issue.

Cheap brake rotors and significant wear of pads and rotors could cause problems, as well.

If you’re driving down highway, or hills, or in traffic and you notice the brake pedal is pulsating, or moving back and forth, it’s an indication that your brake rotors have an excessive amount of run out, usually due to significant heat.

This can be the result of age and components becoming worn over time. Cheap brake parts may not have the same tolerances as your O.E. fitment parts and hold up to the heat as well. In addition, they could also give you a pulsating feeling sooner.

Not using high quality brake pads will wear more quickly than high quality ones. Whether their organic or semi-metallic will also determine how quickly they wear out.

TIP: One thing you don’t want to do is drive with two feet, with one resting on the brake pedal. Even resting your foot on the brake pedal will cause a small amount of pressure on the brake pads, causing them to wear faster. The pads putting constant pressure on brake rotors could cause excessive heat and warp your rotors. There are many times we’ve ridden with a customer who was wondering about having brake issues, and they didn’t realize they were driving with two feet. 

A vehicle’s Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) warning light is another sign that something is wrong.

The Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Light on a vehicle.
ABS warning light

The ABS prevents brakes from becoming locked in an emergency. This enables you to keep steering control.

Various issues could prompt this light to turn on. These include a bad hydraulic pump or ABS module, malfunctions with the speed sensor or bulb check, and low brake fluid.

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