A wheel alignment that is being performed at Steve's Auto Repair.

Benefits of wheel alignments

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Are parts of the tires on your vehicle wearing more quickly than others? Is your steering wheel crooked? Did a mechanic recently install new tires or work on your suspension?

If so, your vehicle might have a bad wheel alignment. A tire alignment is a form of maintenance that should be performed yearly and whenever certain types of work are done, like suspension part replacement or new tires are put on.

These checkups aren’t just an excuse that auto repair shops use to get you to bring your car in. They offer multiple perks that drivers may notice immediately or over the long haul.

A few benefits of wheel alignments are described below.

Some benefits of wheel alignments

A new Michelin CrossClimate 2 Tire and a Michelin CrossClimate 2 Tire with 50,000 miles on it.

Prevents uneven tire wear

In the photo above, you will see a brand new Michelin CrossClimate 2 Tire (the left one) and a Michelin CrossClimate 2 Tire with 50,000 miles on it (the right one). If you look closely at the one that has been used for 50,000 miles, you will see that the treadwear is even all the way across. This is because the customer had a wheel alignment or alignment check performed once a year. That way, the tire didn’t experience any abnormal wear on one side or the other.

Replacing a coil spring strut assembly.
coil spring strut assembly

Ensures steering capability is correct

If you’re having work performed on your car – like replacing the shock-strut assembly or changing any suspension components – you’ll want to have an alignment done. In some cases, you may be restoring some ride height. Also, moving parts around when installing something is going to change the parameters – whether it be caster, camber or toe. So, you want to make sure everything is aligned with the front and back, to make sure your tires wear right. Along with that – because components are replaced – it’s important to make sure the steering capability is correct.

A tire that has become worn down, due to too much negative camber.
Tire worn down, due to too much negative camber

Extends lifespan of tires

There’s a lot of road construction occurring right now, especially in the Woodbridge, Virginia area. During your daily travels, you may hit potholes or road patches, which act like mini speed bumps. That puts a lot of wear, especially on the steering components. Your tires are also taking that abuse. You want to get your alignment checked and have a wheel alignment conducted if need be, so your tires last.

Allows safety features to function right

Many of today’s vehicles use Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), such as lane assist. If a vehicle is out of alignment, those safety systems may not work the way they should. A lot of the time, we need to complete the alignment before we can reset the parameters for the ADAS system.

Helps with fuel economy

The more aligned tires are with the vehicle, front and back, the less rolling resistance. The less rolling resistance you have, the better your fuel efficiency will be. If the tires are off a bit, they will drag across the pavement. That increases tire wear and decreases fuel economy.

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