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Car Care Myths

Flat Tire Repair Woodbridge, VA

Fixing your car at home is the same
as taking it to a shop

While fixing your car at home - for example a brake job - is less expensive. You don't get your car up in the air to take a look at brake lines and brake hoses, you are most likely not going to do a brake fluid flush or going to have a tester to measure if the brake fluid is bad. You may not have access to information on the ABS (antilock brake system) and cause damage to the system while replacing brake pads or shoes. Thus, this may actually cost more money if these things are overlooked.

Flat Tire Repair Woodbridge, VA

Transmission flushes are bad

To keep your transmission is top working order you do need to change your transmission fluid just like you change your engine oil, just not as often. Manufactures dont like to give a fluid change interval since they want you to drive a car for about 100k miles then buy a new one. But like most people we like to keep our cars longer. Every 30k miles is a good time to do this service depending on driving conditions. Dealers recommend this around the same mileage interval.

Flat Tire Repair Woodbridge, VA

Fuel injectors do not need to be cleaned

If you happen to have the good fortune of living somewhere that there is no traffic then this is probably correct, however if you are in stop and go traffic with lots of idling depending on your vehicle it is likely that you will need to clean fuel injectors in order for the vehicle to run correctly.

Flat Tire Repair Woodbridge, VA

You can use any oil in your car

Today's engines have much closer tolerances and with the electronically controlled engines that are controlled by solenoids and oil pressure it is more important than ever to use the correct weight of oil, if you use the wrong weight of oil you can have engine performance problems.

Flat Tire Repair Woodbridge, VA

Dealerships can fix your car better
than independent shops

Like any business both of these rely on the people who are actually working for them. Auto techs have a wide range of skills and experience and like most professions there are good and bad.

Flat Tire Repair Woodbridge, VA

You must go to a dealership for vehicle maintenance to keep you warranty valid

As long as maintenance is performed on schedule according to your owner's manual the vehicle can be taken to any shop or even done by the owner if records are kept.