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Understanding the Sidewall Numbers

How to tell what size your tire is, and understanding the numbers on the sidewall of a tire.

When you're looking for tires you will be asked what size tires you are looking for. The way you can find this out is by looking on the tire's sidewall. Every tire has these numbers on the side of the tire, there are numbers which correspond to the height, width, aspect ratio, wheel diameter, load index and speed rating.

The meaning of these numbers is below:

Tire Type: P
Tire Width: 225
Tire Aspect Ratio: 55%
Tire Construction: Radial
Wheel Diameter: 18
Load Index: 97
Speed Rating: T

There are many factors that go into selecting a tire for your vehicle. Questions you can ask yourself to understand your tire needs are:

  • Do you commute to work or do a lot of driving on the highway?
  • What type of handling and performance do you want?
  • Do you consistently haul heavy loads, or do you tow anything?
  • Do you want all weather or winter tires?

It is not necessary to purchase the same brand of tires that originally came with your vehicle.

Give one of our tire specialists a call to help you select the right tire for your vehicle.

Speed Rating Chart

Tire Speed Rating Chart - Woodbridge, VA

Load Index

Tire Load Index Chart - Woodbridge, VA