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Belts and Hoses

Belts and hoses are one of the parts of your vehicle that wear the fastest. Most hose manufacturers recommend replacing hoses every four years. Over time belts and hoses crack or dry out and need to be replaced.

The HomeTowne Difference:

  • Test antifreeze for condition
  • Only use quality parts
  • Use a gauge to check for cracks,
    wear & age
  • Check for leaks & swelling of hoses
  • Check the idler pulleys & belt
  • We test drive your vehicle

Coolant hoses do exactly as their name says, they cool the engine. The coolant hose allows for a cycle taking the coolant fluid from the radiator to the hottest part of the engine and returning the overheated fluids back to the radiator.

Hoses should be checked for hardening or softening with age. If the hose is very hard of very soft then it is time for replacement. Visible leaking and/or cracks also indicate the need for replacement.

An accessory belt is present in all vehicles and this belt drives the alternator and air-conditioning compressor. Some engines also have a timing belt to control when valves open and close.

Call HomeTowne Auto Repair and Tire to schedule an appointment and our team will evaluate your vehicle and make recommendations to keep you on the road.