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Dodge Wheel Alignment Service

Dodge Wheel Alignment Service - HomeTowne Auto Repair and Tire in Woodbridge, VA HomeTowne Auto Repair and Tire does wheel alignments on vehicles of all years, makes and models both foreign and domestic, including your Dodge!

Our Virginia roadways are inundated with potholes and rough roads, so it’s very likely you will need to have a professional wheel alignment done on your Dodge at least once a year. Our winters have been treacherous and there has been a multitude of the “white stuff” coating our roadways throughout our long and cold winter this year.

Your Dodge contains a complex suspension system, and there are quite a few circumstances that can cause your vehicle to require a wheel alignment. In some instances it could be normal wear and tear on the parts of your Dodge’s suspension system. Or perhaps you hit a curb, speed bump or pothole which knocked your Dodge out of alignment.

During a wheel alignment your vehicle’s steering wheel is placed at its center position, and then the wheels and axles are adjusted to an angle specified by the manufacturer so they are parallel to one another.

Without this vital service, you may have noticed that your vehicle will pull to one side, or that the tires on your Dodge are wearing unevenly. Ensuring that your vehicle is properly aligned will save you money on tires, and increase your Dodge’s gas mileage.