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Virginia State Inspections

Call HomeTowne Auto Repair and Tire to schedule an appointment and our team will evaluate your vehicle and make recommendations to keep you on the road.

Although, you may not always have the ability to recognize the needs of your vehicle, we have compiled a list of a few items you can check on your own, before you have your car inspected.

Check These Items Yourself

Does the Driver's Side Window Work?

Not all of the windows in your vehicle have to function properly; however, the driver's window must be in working order to pass inspection. Furthermore, you should examine all windows and the windshield for cracks and brakes. Any cracked or broken windows should be repaired or replaced to avoid a rejection sticker.

Do Your Tires Have Enough Tread?

Examine your tires by running your hand over the surface to check for even wear. If there is more wear on the inside or the outside of your tires, your vehicle may be in need of an alignment. Check to make sure you have ample tire tread. This can be done by inserting a quarter upside into your tire's tread. If George Washington's head doesn't touch the tread of the tire, your vehicle may not pass inspection.

How does your Horn Sound?

Make sure that your horn doesn't sound muffled, and can be heard from at least 200 feet away.

Do All Your Lights Work?

Have a friend or family member verify all of the lights are in working order. Malfunctioning tag lights near the license plate are easily replaced. Examine the orange marker lights on the sides, the reverse lights, all brake lights, and the headlights. Headlights that contain condensation can impact their brightness making a vehicle less visible to oncoming traffic, and may cause your vehicle to fail inspection.

Are your Mirrors Intact?

Make sure the mirrors on your vehicle aren't missing, that they are mounted correctly, and the reflective surface isn't damaged or cracked.

Is your Exhaust Making Unusual Noises?

Listen to your vehicle's exhaust for loud noises or rattling. If there are unusual noises coming from under the car you may want to consider having a trained technician determine the cause of the noise before getting an inspection.

Are your Seat Belts Working?

Inspect your vehicle's seat belts, and ensure that they are not worn or missing, and that they latch correctly.

Is your Vehicle Leaking?

Check your driveway to see if there are any fluids leaking from your vehicle and determine the color of the fluid. Leaking fluids typically indicate a problem, and should be checked before inspection.

Other Inspection Items

Here is a partial list of some other items the state inspector will be examining:

  • Brakes
  • Ball Joints
  • Axles
  • Shocks
  • Coil springs
  • Also, checking for a broken, bent or weakened frame.