What causes an engine to misfire?

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It’s important to note when your car is doing something abnormal.

They can indicate an underlying issue.

The same is true for misfires.

What is a misfire?

A misfire is when the air in the fuel isn’t ignited correctly.

What are signs that an engine is misfiring?

The check engine light turning on is one sign of a misfire. You might also notice a bad shuddering.

Other indicators include a vehicle running rough or stalling.

What causes an engine to misfire?

Components that have gone bad, including ignition coils and spark plugs, may result in an engine to misfire. It could also be caused by too much or too little air or fuel.

Timing can play a role, as well. If the timing isn’t in line, then the camshaft sensor and crankshaft sensor aren’t able to communicate.

What happens if you ignore a misfire?

When you have a misfire and you’re getting raw fuel or rich conditions in the exhaust, it wears down the metals in the catalytic converter  – a very expensive part.

If misfires aren’t addressed, the catalytic converter gets really warm and starts melting from the inside out.

If you believe your car’s engine is misfiring, have it checked out by a mechanic or auto repair shop. The problem could start happening more frequently or worsen if you don’t.

Make sure to provide as much information as possible, including the symptoms you noticed and when.

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