Virginia state inspection sticker.

Virginia state inspection sticker getting a new location on Jan. 1

In Car Safety, News by HomeTowne Auto Repair & Tire

Starting on January 1, things are going to change a bit with your Virginia state inspection sticker.

At the beginning of 2018, inspection stickers will no longer be placed in the bottom center of your windshield. Now they’ll be located on the bottom left-hand corner.

“The reason they’re doing this is because new cars these days have a crash avoidance system that utilizes the center of the windshield,” said HomeTowne Auto Repair & Tire General Manager Rich Campbell.

While you won’t be required to move or remove the existing sticker to be in compliance until your normal state inspection due date, if your windshield is tinted, you may need to have that addressed sooner rather than later.

“The important thing is to let your inspection station know in January, if you have prescription window tint – communicate with your inspection station, your inspector, as well as maybe the company that does your window tinting for you, because the center of the windshield is no long going to be utilized by the state inspection,” said Campbell.

If you’re in the military service, we can also assist with moving military stickers to another appropriate location on your windshield, so they’re not blocked by the Virginia state inspection sticker.

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