Oil leaks.

Oil leaks in Toyota Tundra’s and Sequoia’s

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Oil leaks are a common problem with some Toyota Tundra’s and Sequoia’s. HomeTowne Auto Repair and Tire has certified technicians who can help solve them.

This week, Technician Ray addressed an oil leak by replacing a camshaft cover seal. The seal was located between the camshaft housing and head of the Toyota V8 engine. To get to the seal, he needed to remove the valve covers, front cover, timing chain, and camshafts.

How to tell if a vehicle is experiencing oil leaks

Drivers can have their vehicles checked during oil changes to make sure there aren’t any issues.

Parking on a clean surface will allow them to see if a puddle is forming. 

Typically, engine oil is black, brown or yellow. Check out this article to read about other reasons why a vehicle may be leaking.

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