Technician working on a Mercedes.

Mercedes parts replaced after wheel falls off

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One of our customers was driving down the road when a wheel on their Mercedes fell off.

The impact resulted in damage to the steering knuckle, which connects suspension and steering parts.

Steering knuckle.
Steering Knuckle

It also damaged the hub bearing, which allows the wheels to rotate.

Old and new hub bearing.
Old and New Hub Bearing

One of our technicians changed them and the brake dust shield. These Mercedes parts were replaced last month.

Brake dust shield.
Brake dust shield

This is one reason why it’s important to torque lug nuts correctly.

We hand torque all of our lug nuts when putting wheels back on a vehicle after completing a project, such as a tire rotation or brake repair. 

Our technicians use torque limiters and torque wrenches.

If you don’t torque the lug nuts enough, it will leave the wheel loose and ruin the wheel, the wheel studs, and wheel bearing. 

Overtightening the lug nuts, however, will weaken the threads on the wheel studs, which can cause a failure.

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