An old and new headlight.

Headlights: What’s checked during the Virginia Safety Inspection

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It’s starting to become darker earlier. With the nights lengthening, it’s even more important that drivers have functioning headlights.

Headlights are among the parts that are looked over during the annual Virginia Safety Inspection. Brakes are another component.

Problems with headlights that state inspectors look for

In addition to making sure the assembly doesn’t shift, inspectors ensure there aren’t any cracks, which can alter the aiming pattern.

Why do we focus on this?

When you’re stopped at a traffic light or traveling down the highway, the headlights must be aligned in a certain way so you don’t blind oncoming traffic.

If a headlight is pointed up or to the left too much, it could impair the vision of other drivers and cause an accident.

We also check for headlights that are foggy or those that are too dim or too bright.

Our technicians can determine the candlepower and aiming with a headlight aligner machine.

The lifespan of a headlight depends on the type and how often it’s used.

If you choose to replace yours, verify that it’s approved by the SAE with the correct number. This will determine if the headlight can be used on the road.

Cheap headlights that fit your vehicle are available for purchase online; however, they might not be allowed for highway use. If not, you could get a ticket. Headlights that aren’t SAE approved also won’t pass the Virginia Safety Inspection.

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