CV Boot on a Volkswagen Beetle.

Ripped CV Boots found during Virginia Safety Inspection

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Written by Erin Flynn

This week, I decided to have the oil changed for my Volkswagen Beetle at HomeTowne Auto Repair & Tire.

Since it was already going to be in the shop, I also asked them to do a Virginia Safety Inspection.

While they were conducting the inspection, they discovered that the Constant-Velocity (CV) Boots have ripped.

What are CV boots?

The CV Boot is part of the CV Axle, and it holds in grease for the CV Joint. The CV Axle powers the wheels from the transmission.

If a vehicle loses the grease, it will cause more metal on metal friction overtime. This creates more heat and shortens the CV Joint’s shelf life.

If properly maintained, CV Boots can last 20 years. However, as soon as you get any type of oil or air mixture, it’s really bad for the rubber and causes the rubber to crack and break. 

I wouldn’t have known about the CV Boots being ripped if they hadn’t performed a Virginia Safety Inspection. Depending on where you go, that sort of problem can be missed during a regular oil change.

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