The tread on the BFGoodrich g-force comp 2 A/S Plus Tire.

BFGoodrich g-force comp 2 A/S Plus Tire: All-season performance

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The road is filled with compact and sports cars, and vehicles that are geared toward performance.

Many of these drivers are seeking a performance tire they can trust beyond the summer months. They want a tire that can be used year-round.

The BFGoodrich g-Force Comp 2 A/S Plus Tire delivers this capability. We recommend the all season tire for those interested in a product that does well when the weather is pleasant, the smell of rain is in the air, or there’s snow falling.

Being able to handle different kinds of road conditions is just one of its several perks.

BFGoodrich g-force comp 2 A/S Plus Tire lifespan

The benefits that this BFGoodrich Tire offers are possible because of a few design characteristics. Its g-force tread is the first one we’ll talk about.

An Advanced Mold Design and a Performance Tread Profile help prevent the tires from wearing unevenly.

These two traits contribute to this BFGoodrich tire’s lifespan, which can extend up to 45,000 miles. The average driver could go a few years before they need to replace it.

With its Performance Tread Profile, this tire offers users great traction when going around corners. That comes in handy when you’re driving on curvy roads.

The BFGoodrich g-Force Comp 2 A/S Plus Tire.
BFGoodrich g-Force Comp 2 A/S Plus Tire

Traction across different weather conditions

Ultigrip Technology is another feature that makes up this tire option.

The BFGoodrich g-Force Comp 2 A/S Plus Tire is meant to provide better braking and control in wet conditions and grip in the snow than the BFGoodrich g-Force Comp 2 A/S.

Thanks to an All-Season Compound, it’s able to grip the roads whether there’s sunshine or rain in the forecast. This compound consists of silica and is able to flex when the temperatures drop.

The tire’s performance on dry roads is supported by a squared-off shoulder. It’s also made up of V-shaped grooves, which help drivers avoid hydroplaning.

Directional Tread Design keeps you moving in various conditions. Whether you’re facing a pop up shower or winter weather is moving in, you can be assured that you will be on your way.

This BFGoodrich option is one of the best types of tires for winter in Northern Virginia.

BFGoodrich g-force comp 2 A/S Plus Tire offers control

This all season BFGoodrich Tire comes with a Performance Racing Core, as well.

It includes an Equal TEnsion Containment (ETEC) System, which aims to improve the traction provided at the speed someone is driving. This technology helps the contact patch perform at its best. 

A Dynamic Suspension System helps enhance control and provide a comfortable ride. Meanwhile, g-Control Sidewall Inserts allows the turning response to be instant.

So, you will be able to manage your travels while also enjoying them.

Other BFGoodrich Tire choices

The BFGoodrich g-Force Comp 2 A/S Plus Tire has a lot of good things going for it. But it may not be the right tire for every vehicle.

BFGoodrich Tire produces a range of reliable products. Another all season option that we recommend is the BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport Tire. The BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Tire is a solid choice, as well.

BFGoodrich is owned by Michelin Tire, so it might be worth your while looking into tires made by Michelin or Uniroyal.

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